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Remembering Manophet – Rambling Spoon

By Karen J. Coates / Photo by Jerry Redfern
May 14, 2010
Rambling Spoon

©2010 Jerry RedfernFolks, we arrived in Bangkok to the saddest news. In addition to the violence outside, we have just learned that our dear friend and guide, Manophet, died in Laos yesterday of an apparent blood clot to the brain. Manophet lived in Phonsavanh, near the Plain of Jars. He was taken to Vientiane but it was too late.

We are utterly shocked. I remember the last lunch we shared with Manophet, not three weeks ago: he ordered steak and fries—not his usual meal, but a treat at his favorite restaurant. That morning, he had taken us to meet a young Hmong man who told us the story of his childhood accident with UXO—a bomb that exploded while he and his friends were building a fence. READ MORE

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